Daron Acemoğlu
Professor of Applied Economics, M.I.T., co-author of the best-seller "Why Nations Fail"  

A professor of Applied Economics at M.I.T., Daron Acemoglu is among the 20 most cited economists in the world. A 2012 New York Times Magazine feature said he is “as hot as economists get.” In 2005, he received the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal,  for being a top economist under 40. Acemoglu is the co-author, with Harvard’s James Robinson, of The New York Times bestseller "Why Nations Fail", which, like Jared Diamond’sGuns, Germs, and Steel, is a major work of historical, political and cultural heft that comes along once every few years.

Born in Turkey and educated in England, Acemoglu has written for mainstream magazines such as Esquire and co-edits academic publications, such as The Journal of Economic Growth. Acemoglu’s expertise stretches across the full spectrum of macroeconomics, with a focus on the role of institutions in economic development.