Transport support

In the International Airport, in the main foyer of arrivals, in VIP/CIP hall will be the official round-the-clock AEF office, where you can order the transport from airport to the hotel. There will be free transportation of participants to the official hotels by buses and minibuses. Also, the shouttles’ route will be between the area of the AEF (“Palace of Independence”) and official hotels of the Forum. The name of the Official Hotel of the Forum. The name of the Official Hotel of the Forum will be indicated on the windshield of the bus or minibus, and on the parking places in the complex of “Place of Independence”


The pass for the cars participating in the Astana economic forum 2016 can be obtained from 15 to 20 May by the address – Temirkazyk, 65, Home of Economics, office 209. The passes are issued not more than 5 (five) passes on each organization and strictly in accordance with official letter. Address: Temirkazyk st., 69, office 209; “House of Economics”


Coordinators :
Теl.: + 7 (7172) 701813
Теl.: + 7 (7172) 701819