Sergei Glazyev
Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on Regional Economic Integration

1986-1991 - Junior Researcher, Research Officer, Senior Researcher, Head of laboratory of Central Economic and Mathematical Institute, Academy of Science of USSR;
1991-1992 - First Deputy Chairman of Committee for Foreign Economic Relations of Russian Federation, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Russian Federation;
1992-1993 - Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Russian Federation (Minister of Economic Affairs);
1994-1995 - State Duma Deputy of I Convocation, Chairman of  Economic Policy Committee;
1996 - Head of Department of Economic Security, Security Council of the Russian Federation;
1996-1999 - Head of Information-Analytical Department of the Council of the Russian Federation
2000-2003 - State Duma Deputy of III Convocation, Chairman of the of Committee for Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship;
2002- until the dissolution of the State Duma of III Convocation - Committee on Credit Organizations and Financial Market of State Duma;
2004-2007- Deputy of State Duma of IV convocation, member of Health Care Committee, member of Budget and Taxation Committee;
2008 – Deputy Secretary General, EurAsEC;
2012-  Presidential Advisor on regional economic integration  

1983 - Bachelor of Economics and Cybernetics, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University;
1986 - Ph.D. in Economics, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI), Academy of Sciences, USSR;
1990 - Doctor of Science, Economics.

1995 - Gold Kondratieff Medal for the research of long waves in economic development;
2011 - Order of Friendship for his great contribution to the development of integrative cooperation among the States;
2013 - “Man of the Year” prize by the Russian Biographical Institute and Institute for Economic Strategies for facilitating Ukraine`s return to the common economic space with Russia.


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