An unique international study of the AEF 2018 Global Challenges Summit is dedicated to humanity’s perception of the global challenges agenda.

As part of Mapping the Global Challenges Agenda, 90 key challenges of world development were subjected to analysis in 5 clusters: economics, geopolitics, technology, the environment, and social risks.

The methodology for this unprecedented analysis was based on a smart machine learning approach to big linguistic data. As part of our study, we analysed 127 million texts, published over the last year across 30,000 media outlets in 140 countries around the world. Our research exposed considerable differences in the perception of key global development challenges between continents, mega-regions, and countries. If large regions of the developing world are primarily focused on acute economic and social challenges, then developed countries are considerably more worried about the agenda for sustainable development of our planet. For some countries that are even today living in the reality of the digital economy, cyber-security is already among the most serious threats; for others, unemployment is the greatest looming risk. If large-scale migration and terrorist threats are at the top of Europe and North America’s daily agendas, then for countries in the developing world, the inaccessibility of basic energy and transport infrastructure is a far more meaningful issue. For а world that is already full of global challenges shared by the entire planet, the sociological picture of how our planet’s problems are perceived is an extremely diverse one. We invite you to join us at the forum in discussing the conclusions of Mapping the Global Challenges Agenda.

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