Several brainstorming sessions happened during the course of the session and were around 6 core development sessions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Leading Kazakh and international experts, representatives froom the business elite and government discussed ground-breaking projects and solutions in the following areas: institutions and economic policy, human capital development, digitalization and information technologies, new money and the financial sector, clean energy and green technologies, development of cities.
When talking about the results of the three-day intellectual Marathon, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan said that the AEF Strategic Session accumulated all the conclusions, suggestions and recommendations from all the discussions and will select the most useful ones for practical application and implementation at a government level.

B. Sagintaev paid attention o 5 mega-trends that were highlighted by the President: rapid digitalization, energy revolution, global population growth, changes of pace and character of urbanisation, transformation of the global workforce market.
Prime Minister highlighted the importance of a collective search for solutions to those challenges.

During the first brainstorming session on the “institutions and economic politics” the participants discussed the issues of technological modernisation and new markets for Kazakhstan, macroeconomic stability in turbulent times, structural reforms under harsh economic environment as well as the tools to reduce inequality and stimulate investments.

The moderator of the session was Oraz Zhandosov, Director of “Rakurs”, Centre for Economic Analysis. The following people were among the experts of the session: Timur Suleimenov, ABR Director in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Giovanni Kapanelli, Senior Director for Economic Development World Bank, Shantayan Devaradjan, Senior Advisor of the United Nations Development Programme for Europ and CIS; Ben Slay, President Nazarbaev, Shigeo Katsu and many others.

During the second brainstorming session on the development of human capital the following issues were discussed: what education should be in Kazakhstan in the 21st century, new technologies implementation, such as Web 2.0, augmented reality, the internet of things in education. Several suggestions by the experts were considered about developing of creative industries, stimulation of creative activity, as well as the tools to attract more human capital in the country.
Ilya Slutsky was the main moderator of the session. Ilya is a partner of MedMe, a venture fund. Among the experts were minister for education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Erlan Sagadiev; Madina Abliskasimova, minister of labour and education; Elena Milova, member of the Board at, a crowd-funding platform and a fund for life extension; Pavel Luksha, professor at Moscow Business School Skolkovo and member of the expert council on strategic initiatives and many others.

Digitalisation and Information technologies session addressed such issues as digitalisation of the government, determining priorities for Kazakhstan, based on key strategies and best practices of government control in the digital era.
Several solutions have been offered to implement digitalisation in companies, develop own cluster of IT projects and stimulation of technologies transfer to Kazakhstan.
The moderator of the session was Philipp Serazhetdinov, Partner at GVA Kazakhstan. Dauren Abaev, Minister for information and communications, Grigory Asmolov, King’s College London research associate; Mikhail Senatorov, former deputy head of the Central Bank, Gile Breton – chairman of the Canadian Business Association, Sergei Perapechka, Partner at BCG Kazakhstan as well as many others- also shared their opinions.

The new money session focused on advanced regulatory policies, and how to build a competitive finance sector.
Experts considered the issue of new money technologies; which specific projects can be realised in Kazakhstan in blockchain sector and how to get maximum value from the usage of technologies of the future.
The moderator for the session was Zhanna Tomashevskaya, Partner at Tomashevskaya & Partners.
The following people shared their thoughts and suggestions: Kazakhstan Finance Minister Bahyt Sultanov, Deputy Head of the National Bank Oleg Smolyakov, Harold Bose, executive director of Earthport; FinTechStage Matteo Rizzi and many others.

The fifth brainstorming session on “Clean energy and green technologies” was constructive and lively.
A lot of the forum participants observed that it in our era of new technologies it is really important to modernise economic sectors and resort to alternative energy sources in order to keep our nature’s wealth of resources.

Several issues were raised about which financial, institutional and technological barriers exist that are preventing the growth of the green economy in Kazakhstan; how to stimulate the business sector to invest in energy effective solutions and innovations. The experts also discussed how to increase competitive edge of the Fuel-and-energy sector in Kazakhstan, attract investment, implement digitalization and increase the sector’s productivity.

Experts talked at length about the issues of green economy, barriers and stimulation tools, taking into account best global practices. The following experts shared their opinions: Kanat Bozumbaev – Minister for Energy in Kazakhstan, experts from Kashagan scientific Centre, Institute of seismic sounding, Beijing Piesat Information Technology and many others.
The moderator for the sessionwas Vadim Dolganov, Head of Project at Sputnik.

The six session was about forecasting the future of the cities. Experts talked about what is going to become of successful mega-cities by 2050, in particular what constitutes a successful mega city in Kazakhstan.
Experts discussed megaprojects for mega-cities in Kazakhstan, development and improvement of transport systems, issues of environment and improving the quality of life. Aibatyr Zhumaguov, Vice Minister for National Economy;
Malika Bekturova, co-founder, the former project director an an honourable member of the World Future Council Herbert Girarded; Mike Oades, founder of Atomic Architecture.
Moderator for the session was Bulat Stolyarov, Partner GVA Kazakhstan.
Following the completion of all the session s all the moderators submitted their brainstorming presentations. The package with experts’ suggestions was named “Top necessary solutions for the Republic of Kazakhstan”. All expert recommendations will be generalised and appropriated for the Kazakh reality. These brainstorming sessions will help find new approaches that are going to further Kazakhstan’s growth and will also be accepted by the global community in searcing solutions to global challenges.

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